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East & West Ballasted-Pro Systems

Enerack East & West Ballasted-Pro Systems suitable for flat roof. The solar panels face east and west. There is no need to use expansion bolts or chemical bolts on the roof, no damage to roof. The system connects all the panels with the rails into a whole. East-west facing panels have a great effect on resisting wind loads. A combination of high quality aluminium components make a robust, reliable system and quick and easy installation.
Product Feature:
Maximal area utilized.
Maximal PV quantity installed.
Maximized roof space utilized, and PV quantity installed.
Better panel output.
Solar PV to be fast and easily installed on a flat roof with 10 tilt degree inclination.
All parts are made of extruded aluminum, with stainless steel 304 fasteners.
EPDM foam tape is installed at the bottom of the system, separated the roof and system.
EPDM foam tape provides better friction and compensates for the height difference when the roof is uneven.
Product Overview:
Install Site:Concrete Roof.
Material:AL6005-T5, SUS304, EPDM.
Standards:AS/NZ1170.2、JIS C 8955、MCS 012、TUV、UL2703 etc. 
Tilt Angle:10°.

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