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New Products

Enerack launch 2 types new products: ERK-TRB-D23 and ERK-TRB-D24. This  products will support more and more choice for the Metal roof systems projects.
As a installer, it should be very familiar with the installation of  L foot for Metal roof, from the side of the Rail and lock the screw from the side, is not an easy job, and will take up much time.
Enerack  ERK-TRB-D23 and ERK-TRB-D24 are improved from this aspect. The Rail put it down from top to bottom, then tighten the screws from the top.  
It will highly match human engineering and installation habits, easy and convenient, greatly save the installation time. And fundamentally for people to save installation costs.
Enerack is a professional solar mounting supplier in China. Our engineers have more than 15 years of industry experience, we are always in the process of research and development, and will regularly launch new products to meet customer requirements and enrich our product line.

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