• Standing seam clamp ERK-TRB-C22
    Standing seam clamp ERK-TRB-C22 April 23, 2023
    Nice roof installation with Enerack standing seam clamp ERK-TRB-C22 in Norway, thanks for our client share this photos with us!
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  • Enerack wind tunnel test for Ballasted-ULT system
    Enerack wind tunnel test for Ballasted-ULT system April 11, 2023
    How to more exactly understand the solar mounting ballasted systems against the actual situation of wind? we use professional theoretical calculations,products can achieve the wind load, but in actual, how do we verify if the theoretical calculations can meet the requirements? What status can our products be like? For people in solar energy industry, they know that ballasted systems are more installed in the flat concrete roof, the reason for choosing it is because that it not need to drill holes to fix damaged roof, and also no need to do any waterproof measures, with the help of weight of cement blocks and the friction between EPDM rubber and roof to fix the whole structure. But this is more strict with the requirement of wind load. In order to prove that our products can achieve satisfactory results and gain the trust of more customers. As a professional solar rack brand, Enerack make cooperation with China's first-class wind tunnel laboratory, do an actual wind tunnel test for our ballasted products to make our design not only simply stay in theory. We conduct a full range of tests under various conditions, and test 5 conditions for south (north) and east-west directions separately.
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  • East &West Ballasted-Pro system in Cambodia
    East &West Ballasted-Pro system in Cambodia March 16, 2023
    What a beautiful sunny day! It is suitable for installation. ENERACK East &West Ballasted-Pro system installed in Cambodia. Workers are working hard on the installation, and the solar bracket matches the panel perfectly. It looks neat&clean, easy&simple to install, and absorbs solar energy in all directions.
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  • Pulling test for ERK-TRB-D11
    Pulling test for ERK-TRB-D11 March 13, 2023
    Pulling test for ERK-TRB-D11 29mm mini rail and thin sheet screws.
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  • Mini Rail 5 & 10° Support
    Mini Rail 5 & 10° Support February 17, 2023
    10 degree support combine with mini rail on metal roof, make the modules maintain the best angle towards the sunlight. At the same, we also have 5 degree option to meet your projects need. ERK-MFS-5 Mini Rail 5° Support Front Leg; ERK-MRS-5 Mini Rail 5° Support Rear Leg; ERK-MFS-10 Mini Rail 10° Support Front Leg; ERK-MRS-10 Mini Rail 10° Support Rear Leg.
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  • Happy Chinese New Year!
    Happy Chinese New Year! January 18, 2023
    Happy Chinese New Year!
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  • Merry Christmas and happy new year!
    Merry Christmas and happy new year! December 23, 2022
    Merry Christmas and happy new year!
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  •  East & West Ballasted-PRO System
    East & West Ballasted-PRO System December 22, 2022
    The East & West Ballasted-PRO System on the cement flat roof in the city ,installation at Hong Kong.
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  • Excellent pole mount system project
    Excellent pole mount system project December 16, 2022
    The pole mount system installation is pretty good, it just like a painting in eyes. It effectively utilizes the floor area of the family, and can also provide the strength of the installation. Not only have the neat and perfect installation method, also can hold the good visual effect.
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  • Pulling test for ERK-TRB-D10
    Pulling test for ERK-TRB-D10 November 02, 2022
    Pulling test for ERK-TRB-D10 26mm mini rail and thin sheet screws.
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  • Date of delivery
    Date of delivery October 10, 2022
    After long holiday, orders start shipping for Christmas stock.
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  • ENERACK BALLASTED PRO/ULT in combination
    ENERACK BALLASTED PRO/ULT in combination September 22, 2022
    Ballasted-PRO system is most popular in the PV market now, and Ballasted-ULT is suitable for thick snow pressure. But how can we achieve big panel size and higher load-bearing ability in installing? The four corners of the panel will lie on Ballasted-PRO system ERK-BPF/ERK-BPR, and can add one more ERK-R41-2 rail in the middle of each panel in order to support it, and use Ballasted-ULT system ERK-BUR/ERK-BUF to lock the panel. The combination of dual systems perfectly realizes large panel installation and larger load-bearing capacity, making the use of solar energy resources more stable.
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  • Excellent adjustable tilt roof system in Hungary
    Excellent adjustable tilt roof system in Hungary September 02, 2022
    Capacity: 15KW Location: Hungary Solution: Enerack adjustable tilt roof system ERK-AFL & ERK-ARL-1530
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  • 70mm Mini rail ERK-TRB-D28
    70mm Mini rail ERK-TRB-D28 August 25, 2022
    70mm Mini rail ERK-TRB-D28 Product Category: Tin interface Product Code: ERK-TRB-D28 BOM: Enerack 70mm mini rail (Al6005-T5)------1 ST5.5x30 thin sheet screws (SUS 410)------4 Rubber pad (EPDM)------2 Suitable for: Most Corrugated or Trapezoidal sheet metal
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  • Excellent Ballasted-PRO case in Latvia
    Excellent Ballasted-PRO case in Latvia July 25, 2022
    Excellent Ballasted-PRO installation projects in Latvia,Thank you for our customer's sharing photos, Choosing the products of Enerack will make your installation more quickly and convenient!
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